Since 1973 feeds, nestles and he lovely entertains the jet set of the Emerald Coast.

Was almost 40 years ago when the young "Bresciano" left his hometown location to open is first one restaurant in Emerald coast together with his Sister Clara and Brother Renato.

Engaged by the beauty of Gallura, the aromatics scents and the unspoiled territory, they brought to Sardinia not only their luggages but also the Gastronomic knowledge of their cuisine which they like to call "homey", long transmitted from their Parents, the paesant flavors of their native town and the sophisticated ones of their new home.
A cuisine made only with the freshest and seasonal products full of Gallura perfumes and Emerald Sea. Clara is the decisive chef whose art pleases and satisfies the guests with the flavors and simplicity of the best raw materials that the Island has to offer.

The Appetizer buffet is a must, with hors d 'oeuvre which are the happiest expression of the fresh ingredients.
The Vanilla ice cream "Home Made" and richly delicious is the final touch to which no one can resist.

Gianni Pedrinelli in Porto Cervo is home away from home,where good food and wine lovers meet for a magical experience.

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